XPO marks ‘digital milestone’ with 100k downloads in 2019

Published: Monday, February 17, 2020

Greenwich, Conn.-based global freight transportation and logistics services provider XPO Logistics said recently that its North American Drive XPO mobile app, for carrier, reached approximately 100,000 downloads in 2019, which it called a “digital milestone.”

Drive XPO, which is used by commercial truck drivers to search for loads, interfaces with XPO Connect, which was introduced by the company in April 2018. XPO said that the registered number of United States carriers using Drive XPO for XPO Connect, its digital freight marketplace, reached 18,000 in April 2019, 12 months after its initial launch, and it rose to 22,000 carriers in May 2019. XPO cited the acceleration in traction to high user satisfaction with the XPO digital experience and the quality of ongoing enhancements. And it added that user ratings have made Drive XPO a top-ranked app in its category at the iOS and Android stores, where it can be downloaded at no charge.

With recent announcement, XPO said that approximately 100,000 drivers downloaded Drive XPO in 2019, with carrier registrations on XPO Connect at more than 40,000.

“XPO is the original disruptor in transportation innovation, and XPO Connect is a leading platform in the industry,” said Troy Cooper, president of XPO Logistics, in a statement. “Carriers are excited to get such a high level of visibility for their business. Drivers give the app high marks for ease of use and proactive income opportunities, like backhauls that reduce empty miles. These are all reasons behind the rapid adoption we’re seeing.”

In October 2018, XPO announced changes to the XPO Connect and the Drive XPO mobile app, saying that the offerings had been expanded to add counteroffers to the online experience, with the new functionality able to generate digital counteroffers to carrier bids that are not accepted and based on real-time market conditions. And when a carrier agrees to a counteroffer, XPO said the freight is immediately visible in a truck driver’s assigned loads.
Shippers can use XPO Connect to purchase transportation more efficiently and also can see fluctuations in capacity, compare spot rates from carriers, assign loads and track their freight, an XPO spokesman explained. And he added that carriers are using the same XPO Connect technology to locate loads by geography, bid on freight and reduce empty miles, coupled with an electronic proof of delivery feature.