‘Whether it's Chinese, Indian, or traditional German or English dishes, I appreciate the range of flavors and tastes they bring.’

Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Lothar Moehle
Executive Director, Cargo IQ

“Entering the cargo industry was a result of my German background, where apprenticeships are common. I got my first job through a relative of my mother, without knowing much about logistics. However, I have been involved in this industry throughout my life, and I have never regretted my choice,” Lothar Moehle, Executive Director of Cargo IQ, shared reflecting on his motivation and inspiration to enter the air cargo industry.
“When I started, the challenge was to find opportunities for growth and advancement in my career. To overcome this, I intentionally took a job abroad, outside of Europe. My first job with a Swiss forward company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was a turning point. Despite the challenges of working in Saudi Arabia, I loved it. The less regulated and more dynamic environment appealed to me,” Moehle added.
Moehle emphasized the importance of finding time to unwind and recharge to become more productive and succeed in your career.
“I find relaxation in various activities. It can be as simple as reading a book or spending time in the garden. I enjoy going out with my family and friends for a nice dinner, and occasionally, I like to go to the cinema. These activities help me rejuvenate,” he said.
Reflecting on his favorite travel destination, Moehle mentioned, “I spent five years in Kenya working for DB Schenker, and it became my favorite destination. The culture, the people, and the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and wildlife made it a special place for me. While I have traveled to many places for work, I am looking forward to visiting Australia in the future.”
Moehle also expressed his love for diverse cuisines. “I think my favorite aspect of cuisine is the variety it offers. Whether it’s Chinese, Indian, or traditional German or English dishes, I appreciate the range of flavors and tastes they bring. Having traveled extensively, I have developed a fondness for different culinary traditions.”
When asked about his choice of language to learn, Moehle replied, “I would probably choose either Spanish or French. Having started learning French in school, I believe that knowing French and Spanish, in addition to English, allows you to communicate effectively in many parts of the world. Moreover, with China’s growing global influence, learning Chinese Mandarin would also be valuable.”
Moehle revealed his favorite book, stating, “One book that I love is ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ by Nelson Mandela. It provides a deep understanding of the struggles faced by the Black community in South Africa. I would highly recommend it, especially for educational purposes.”
According to Moehle, role models should possess certain qualities. He said, “Role models should be honest and dedicated to their work. They must lead by example, not simply delegate tasks. If I make a promise, I do everything possible to keep it. I believe in fulfilling commitments and not making promises lightly.”
In offering advice to the younger generation, Moehle emphasized the significance of work-life balance. He advised, “Strive for a healthy balance between your personal life and work. Dedicate yourself to your job and do it well but remember that life is not solely about work. Prioritize your personal life and find time for yourself and your loved ones.”
Summing up his view in life, Moehle shared, “Life is limited, and we all have an end date. Therefore, it is important to be reliable and self-reliant. Take responsibility for your actions and don’t expect others to do what you can do yourself.”