Published: Saturday, November 21, 2015

Air Cargo Update is the only independent pan regional bi-monthly magazine featuring news, views and analysis of the challenges and changes faced by the fast-growing and ever-changing air cargo industry.Operations have undergone a sea change in the last decade evolving with transformations

marking a world of information technology, business management, globalisation and ‘free markets’.

Along with the meteoric rise of logistics companies, a new breed of highly-competent professionals has emerged to define new attitudes at the workplace. The new buzzword is ‘quality’ and prots are no longer being measured purely in terms of money.

Editorial Philosophy

Air Cargo Update, now in its 10th year, covers leaders and provides neutral, independent news of the air cargo industry in 68 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The magazine serves as a platform for industry leaders to put forth their views on various issues pertaining to air cargo industry.

Demonstrably Superior Circulation

Published from Dubai, a vibrant business hub strategically located at cross-roads between the Middle Eastern, African and South Asian markets, Air Cargo Update, by virtue of its strategic location, is able to focus on the challenges facing the air cargo industry in the three important regions.

Voice of the Air Cargo Industry

Air Cargo Update, enjoys a reputation of being the voice of the industry as it reports latest views of industry players. With a network of dedicated correspondents, covers news briefs and updates, which include information about civil aviation bodies, airports, airlines, freight forwarders, specialised logistics service providers and all other major components of the air cargo supply chain. It also has insightful features and information about critical industry issues from recognised industry leaders.