VVIP and military aircraft protection: Leonardo and Sabena technics partner to offer Miysis DIRCM

Published: Monday, November 29, 2021

DUBAI, UAE—Leonardo has announced at the recently concluded Dubai Airshow 2021 the signing of a memorandum of understanding with French aircraft MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) services provider Sabena technics.

The agreement will see the two organizations jointly addressing the market for protected VVIP and military aircraft, with particular emphasis on the Middle Eastern, European and African markets.

Under the agreement, Sabena technics will offer Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM (Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure) to customers looking to modify and equip their aircraft with gold standard protection against infrared-guided missiles.

The threat to today’s aircraft transcends borders and traditional theatres of operations and is continually becoming more sophisticated and more lethal. To address technologically advanced systems, such as infrared guided missiles, there is a critical need to step up the traditional approach that previously used a cocktail of flares as countermeasures.

Miysis DIRCM works by shining a high-powered laser onto a missile’s targeting system, ‘dazzling’ it and forcing the missile away from its intended target. Extensive analysis and live fire trials by UK and international customers have confirmed that Miysis DIRCM can defeat 100% of incoming infrared missiles.

Designed and built in Edinburgh, UK, Miysis has already been delivered to the UK Armed Forces and a number of other NATO and non-NATO nations. Air Forces, Governmental and private aircraft owners in the Middle East and beyond will be able to benefit from the combination of Sabena technics’ in-house integration capabilities for their complex modification or upgrade projects and Leonardo’s proven Miysis DIRCM solution.

Philippe Rochet, CEO, Sabena technics: “Thanks to our strong integration capability, we have carried out and certified Self Protection solutions modifications for various operators worldwide.”

Tony Innes, VP Sales Radar and Advanced Targeting, Leonardo: “Miysis DIRCM offers total protection against IR-guided missiles and we’re excited about this new channel through which aircraft owners and operators will be able to access this life-saving equipment.”

Miysis DIRCM is in full production and available today. Its UK design, manufacture and supply chain ensures that this highly advanced system is also readily exportable to customers in the Middle East and beyond.