VRR secures first customer for its collapsible AAX cargo container

Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2023

ULD firm VRR has secured the first customer for its collapsible AAX air cargo container.

An unnamed global e-commerce company ordered the folding container to help it overcome an imbalance of ULDs.

The AAX Collapsible has the same shape, capacity and durability as the standard AAX but can be folded and stacked up to four high for repositioning.

Ben Lakerveld, sales and marketing manager of VRR, said: “When we launched this innovative container last year, we were amazed by the reaction. People immediately saw its potential.

“Now the container’s been certified, that potential can be unlocked. ULD managers now have a cost-effective way to simplify their repositioning and storage challenges.”

The company also offers an AAY Collapsible container.

VRR said that the imbalance of the global ULD fleet is a “real issue for all carriers and freight forwarders” and that repositioning empty ULDs is both costly and time-consuming.