Volga assists Moria refugees in Greece

Published: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has operated a dedicated charter flight to assist Moria camp refugees in Greece, on the island of Lesbos. The flight was organized in cooperation with Chapman Freeborn Airmarketing from Vienna to Athens a week after the fire destroyed almost the whole camp and neighboring territories.

Volga-Dnepr’s AN-124-100 landed in Athens with 55 tons of humanitarian cargo onboard which is aimed to provide essentials to over 12,000 refugees left without shelter.
Ekaterina Andreeva, commercial director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines, commented: “It is heartbreaking to see so many people losing their homes, especially families with kids. We feel that it is our duty to help those in need and guarantee at least the provision of daily necessities. With aligned procedures in place and well-tuned teamwork, we managed to get flight approvals within three days, to operate the flight without delay with fast and flawless loading/offloading of cargo.”

For over 30 years Volga-Dnepr has been responding to humanitarian missions delivering various types of cargo, starting from food supplies, clothes, instruments and medicines up to mobile hospitals, water purification equipment, heavy trucks, cranes and other vehicles.
In 2020 the company has prioritized humanitarian airlifts as a commitment to support the world in its battle against COVID-19 spread and delivered almost 6,000 tonnes of related cargo on board for the first eight months of 2020, which represents over 1000% surge. With the peak cargo season coming closer, Volga-Dnepr is ready to support its customers worldwide working under solutions to leverage general cargo, e-commerce shipments, high-tech products, and even sophisticated vaccine doses.