Vistair Systems unveil major upgrade for DocuNet

Published: Monday, August 20, 2018

Vistair Systems, a leader in the development of aviation management software, has released a major upgrade to its document management system, DocuNet, with the introduction of its enhanced Compliance and Regulation Matrix feature.

DocuNet’s Compliance and Regulation Matrix has been developed to provide clients with enhanced usability and improved linkage functionality to support regulation tagging and tracking. This ensures operators are able to swiftly confirm and comply with their regulatory requirements.

As part of the upgrade, client users now benefit from sophisticated regulation tagging within their operating manuals, providing direct linkage to both global and local regulatory documents such as EASA Air Ops, IOSA Standards or Continuing Airworthiness Regulation manual.

This new development delivers significant time and operational efficiencies to users and is able to provide total assurance that the latest global and local regulations are reflected across an operator’s manual suite via a single interface.

Currently being rolled out to its global client base the feedback has been uniformly positive. British Airways, TUI, Qantas and Air Arabia have all estimated that the potential time saving and assistance with completing the IOSA involves a reduction in ‘weeks’, which will have a dramatic effect upon operational efficiency. In the past it is estimated that a Technical Pilot could take up to 10 days ensuring manual compliance for such a task.

Additional features such as regulation-tracking functionality, comprehensive workflow records, and audit trails, makes it easy and simple for operators to understand the implications of changes in the regulatory environment. Of importance, there is the additional ability to demonstrate to regulatory bodies how their manuals and procedures are used to promote compliance in their organisation.

David Hedley, CTO at Vistair comments: “The functionality of our DocuNet technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. Innovation and developments are key, and we are driven by both customer and industry requirements which ensures that the system is continually refined to perfectly meet operational needs. This latest version of the compliance matrix allows airlines to successfully and effectively demonstrate compliance within their operations manuals and at speed should it be necessary to do so.”

Combining both software and service, DocuNet is the aviation industry’s leading airline document management solution, capable of delivering your operational library and all mission-critical content across all platforms, including complex XML manuals from Airbus and Boeing as well as Bombardier and Embraer fleets.