Vallair sells V2500-A5 engine to Sojitz Aerospace for part-out

Published: Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Vallair, the mature aircraft and engine asset specialist, hasclosed the sale of a V2500-A5 engine to Sojitz Aerospace. The engine was previously flying on MSN974, an Airbus A321 which Vallair purchased from Aercap and leased to Onur Air. The run-out engine will now be dismantled for Sojitz Aerospace. Vallair continue to lease the airframe only to Onur Air.

The engine was delivered to Sojitz Aerospace in December and forms part of an ongoing partnership which has seen Vallair sell three engines for disassembly into the Sojitz Aerospace parts pool with more in the pipeline for 2019.

The V2500 engine type is installed on half of Vallair’s A321 fleet, and unserviceable or run-out engines currently transition to third party shops for repair to support the fleet ongoing, or get sold for tear down.

“A mature engine market often creates an increased supply of spare engines and used serviceable material, which can be fed into cost-effective solutions for owners of mature aircraft like Vallair” says Anca Mihalache, Head of Trading & Leasing. “Higher lease rates mean the V2500 engines will remain in service for longer. Our fleet of A321s, which predominantly carry this engine type, will need first class support for many years to come particularly as we develop our A321 Cargo Conversion programmes and we anticipate more engines will be put through repair procedures rather than teardown for part-out in order to sustain value in these important assets.”

2019 will see Vallair’s own Engine Business Unit, which actively markets engines and spare parts, invest in tooling and training to expand its portfolio of MRO and teardown expertise which is presently centred on the CFM56-5A engine type.

Vallair is an aviation company headquartered in Luxembourg with facilities in Chateauroux and Montpellier in France. It provides integrated support for mature aircraft, engines and major components. Six complementary business units are founded upon engineering excellence: trading & leasing, cargo conversions, aircraft MRO, engines, aero-structures & painting, and aircraft disassembly. These offer aircraft operators and owners worldwide cost-effective solutions to extend the life of their assets, or dispose of them in an economically beneficial and environmentally acceptable way. Vallair is a leading player in the trading and leasing of A320 family, ATR and B737 aircraft.