Vallair leases Airbus A321 to Windrose

Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Vallair, the aircraft trading, leasing and specialist MRO organization, has completed a short-term eighteen month lease transaction with Ukrainian charter airline, Windrose Aviation Company for an Airbus A321. A full maintenance ‘C’ check was carried out on the aircraft prior to delivery at Vallair’s MRO facility in Montpellier, France.

Windrose operates charter, corporate, tourist and VIP flights using its own aircraft fleet consisting of A320 family aircraft, regional jets E145s, and business jets. A continuous fleet renewal and expansion programme is an important part of the airline’s development strategy as the Ukrainian economy grows.  This transition delivers operational, financial and competitive advantages via a higher quality, more consistent product, and enables Windrose to optimise its operations around a common platform reducing costs and streamlining maintenance.

The aircraft is one of a batch of six A320 family aircraft that Vallair has recently purchased, all of which will be attributed to short term lease programmes within Vallair’s current portfolio. All aircraft will ultimately serve as initial feedstock for the Company’s launch of the Airbus A321-200 P2F cargo conversion programme.

Anca Mihalache, Head of Trading & Leasing Business Unit at Vallair, is keen to emphasise the Company’s focus on leasing as it follows its growth strategy.  “Vallair is intensifying the build-up of our portfolio of leased assets, with a bias to more mature aircraft.  Last year we had one aircraft under lease. Already in 2018 we have extended this to five, and by mid-Summer we anticipate growing by at least four more. Demand is increasing worldwide and it is Vallair’s policy to extend the life of these assets in the most economically beneficial way through the creation of cost-effective and flexible lease options that meet operators’ diverse needs.”