‘Unwinding amidst the difficulties entails family, faith, and a healthy lifestyle’

Published: Tuesday, December 19, 2023

William Mac Fraser IV
Project Manager
Global Feeder Services, the exclusive GSA of Silk Way West Airlines

William Mac Fraser IV’s story in the air cargo and aviation industries reveals an enthralling blend of professional insights and personal musings. Fraser brings a unique viewpoint to his work as Project Manager at Global Feeder Services (GFS), the exclusive GSA of Silkway West Airlines, bringing insights into the changing terrain that has profoundly shaped his career.
“I stumbled into this industry. Before GFS, I spent a decade in the oil field, working with BJ Services and Baker Hughes. The transition to marketing and directing was a blessed accident,” shares Fraser, highlighting the unexpected shift that shaped his current role.
Fraser’s roots in aviation run deep, nurtured by a childhood as an American military kid and his father’s Air Force career. Despite a stint in the Marine Corps Air Wing and detours into the oil field, aviation’s magnetic pull persisted.
“It’s always been in my blood. You’ve seen your father there, you live in that community; there’s just something about the smell of jet fuel,” reflects Fraser on his enduring connection with aviation.
“Working with Silkway Airlines and Azerbaijan Airlines started with a connection my father facilitated. It evolved from marketing support to a more operational role, involving hands-on experiences like learning how to build pallets and understanding aircraft loading intricacies,” he adds.
But how does one find balance in an industry that operates around the clock? “Maintaining a work-life balance in the aviation industry is crucial,” Fraser notes. “Even before COVID, we transitioned to remote work to reduce overhead expenses. Dedication to our customers goes beyond the standard 9 to 5; we make ourselves available whenever they need us.”
Fraser seeks consolation in the intimate amidst professional obligations. “Unwinding amidst the difficulties entails family, faith, and a healthy lifestyle. My sense of balance is enhanced by my involvement with my children, participation in church activities, and leading a disciplined life,” he shares.
“I’ve traveled extensively, covering nearly every part of the world except South America and the polar regions. Growing up in Europe as a military kid, I explored every country in Western Europe, including Turkey. Turkey, especially, left a lasting impression, and I fell in love with it at the age of 11,” says Fraser.
Culinary preferences offer insight into Fraser’s diverse palate, with Azeri and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine claiming the top spot. Influences from Dubai and Eastern Europe shape his culinary favorites.
Turning to role models, Fraser draws inspiration from a trio of self-made individuals—his father—Gen. William Mac Fraser III, Zaur Akhundov, and Arthur Ilyaev. Their resilience and commitment to goals motivate him in his career journey. Acknowledging his father as a mentor, Fraser values their close relationship.
Addressing the younger generation, Fraser observes a shift towards instant gratification and credit-driven mindsets. His advice is rooted in cultivating patience, emphasizing the satisfaction of achieving goals through perseverance.
“Nowadays, it seems like the generation coming up has been catered to a lot. Everything is instant. But I’d love to see more of a willingness to work towards a goal, to be patient,” encourages Fraser, underscoring the importance of embracing the journey.
In the context of the air cargo industry, Fraser highlights its enduring significance. “We’re not going anywhere. It’s a constant need. Embracing new solutions like drone delivery is vital.” His call to the younger generation is to passionately engage in the dynamic air cargo landscape.
As Fraser encapsulates his journey, he emerges as a storyteller in the complicated tango of aviation logistics, tying together the complexity of his professional activities with the simple joys that offer balance to his life.