Unsworth Partners with Pledge to Enhance Carbon Emissions Reporting in Freight Management

Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Unsworth has integrated Pledge’s carbon emissions measurement platform with its freight management app, Pathway, to add an accredited logistics carbon accounting functionality to the UK freight forwarder’s basic service portfolio.
Pledge empowers freight forwarders to enable their customers to understand, report, and reduce their freight emissions.
Pathway is a Cloud-based supply chain management app designed to democratize digital tools typically reserved for enterprise clients.
The newly integrated functionality enables Unsworth and its customers to measure, understand, and report their carbon emissions to allow them to make informed decisions to minimize the carbon footprint of their services.
Pledge also ensures that Pathway supports Unsworth’s clients’ carbon accounting and emissions reporting requirements by providing them with transparent, auditable reporting on freight emissions.
“Unsworth customers can now access Pledge’s industry-leading emissions measurement and reporting platform, helping them with climate disclosure obligations and supporting their emissions reduction journey,” said David de Picciotto, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Pledge.
“Emissions regulations in the EU and the UK require businesses to start reporting on emissions produced from 2024 onwards. To ensure all shippers can comply, forwarders need to provide easy access to emissions measurement and reporting tools for their customers.
“Unsworth recognizes this, and they have chosen to partner with Pledge in order to provide their customers with the necessary tools to meet these evolving demands.”
Pledge’s Clarity™ feature helps promote additional transparency in the supply chain by creating a clear and detailed breakdown of how emissions are calculated at each leg of the shipment journey based on the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) methodology.
Unsworth customers can now benefit from traceable emissions calculations that provide assurance and trust throughout the supply chain.
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Pledge, having thoroughly analyzed the marketplace,” said James Coombs, Head of Innovation, Unsworth.
“This strategic partnership enables us to leverage Pledge’s experience and expertise to better support our clients in their sustainability journey by pushing this new functionality to market quickly through Pathway, our self-designed and developed freight management app.
“By harnessing Pledge’s API solutions, we will empower our clients to set and achieve their environmental goals while driving positive change in the freight industry.”
Pledge’s partnership with Unsworth demonstrates the freight forwarder’s commitment to environmentally responsible business practices and will support existing customers’ climate-positive goals while attracting new like-minded clients.