UAE among the world's 'digital elites'

Published: Thursday, August 10, 2017

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates along with Singapore, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Estonia,Hong Kong and Japan have been identified as the world’s digitalietes with their economies characterized with high levels of digital development and evolution.The Fletcher School at Tufts University, in partnership with Master card, a leading technology company in the global payments industry, made the assertion of their findings in the recently released Digital Evolution Index 2017.The comprehensive research tracks the progress that countries have made in developing their digital economies and integrating connectivity into the lives of billions.With nearly half of the world’s population online, the research maps the development of 60 countries,demonstrating their competitiveness and market potential for further digital economic growth.The index measures four key drivers and 170 unique indicators to chart each country’s respective course,including supply (or internet access and infrastructure), consumer demand for digital technologies, institutional environment (government policies/laws and resources) and innovation (investments into R&D and digital start-ups etc.).Combining the pace and state of digital advancement, the research puts the UAE in the ‘Stand Out’ category with the state demonstrating high levels o f digital development while continuing to lead in innovation and new growth.