Two SF Airlines transport cherries to China

Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Two SF Airlines Boeing 747-400ERFs each carried 103 tons of cherries from Chile to China on flights on 26 November and 4 December.

The flights from Santiago took 31 hours and after arriving in Hangzhou, each pallet of cherries was packed and documented for customs clearance and delivery to shops and homes.

Carried on SF Airlines’ 747-400ERF, the SF Express subsidiary tailored the Chile – China delivery to pursue providing clients with customs and flexible solutions for their businesses and customers.

SF Express modified its US-China air route, adding Santiago as a stop.

The route was established for export-import deliveries between North America and China, and is now approved to stop in New York, Santiago, Miami and Anchorage.

Kevin Zhao, manager of SF Express US sales team says: “Time is critical when it comes to perishable logistics, so we carefully arrange each step of the process to ensure rapid transit and minimal turnaround times.”

He adds: “The US-China airline of SF Express, coupled with a wide portfolio of service packages tailored to the specific needs of seasonal products, delivers a premium logistical service. From customs clearance to import duties and border inspection to last-mile-to-door delivery, our staff plans every step of the way to avoid delays.”