Turkish cherry is on track to become a global brand by Turkish Cargo

Published: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Turkish Cargo carries 600 tones of Turkish cherries to Norway by its operations lasting shorter than 6 hours.

By making use of its wide-body freighters, Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing and thriving air cargo carrier of the world, now moves the Turkish cherry, which has been flourishing to become a global brand thanks to its taste and quality, to Oslo, the capital of Norway. During the cherry season, a total of 600 tonnes of Salihli cherries (Bing Cherry) will be transported to Oslo by 10 dedicated (charter) flights operated by making use of the A330 type freighters. Such cherries will be put on the market at more than 1600 groceries throughout Norway.

The cherry, growing in the cities such as Izmir, Manisa, Isparta, Adana, Konya and Kahramanmaras, which come to the forefront with cherry cultivation, and also at the elevations between 500 and 2500 meters in the uplands of the Toros Mountain is distinguished among its peers in the world by its flavor, enduring strain and stalk length.

The cherries, grown grandmotherly by the farmers, are picked up from the trees upon ripening, and sorted out as based on their size, assortment and quality. The cherries, loaded into the air-conditioned vehicles in the form of pallets of five kilograms each, are brought to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, the operations center of Turkish Cargo, by making use of the trucks. While all of the enplaning, transportation and deplaning operations for the cherries are accomplished in a period shorter than 6 hours, their air-borne journey to Norway takes about three hours.

Veysel Tuysuz, an export merchant who has made a statement with respect to the shipment, commented as follows; “The most delicious cherries in the world are grown in our lands, and we convey such value of us beyond the borders by Turkish Cargo. In the past, our trucks, carrying our cherries to Norway, would arrive at the region in 6 days. Our cherries would become deprived of their quality and become rotten due to the prolonged shipment time. But now, we have that period reduced to 6 hours, and all of our products are sold in the shelves in Norway within 6 days. On year-on-year basis, we have not only increased our exportation by 30%, but also received demands from 8 new countries. The speed and capacity advantage offered by Turkish Cargo is a great opportunity for us, the exporters.”

The harvest period for the cherries, which lasts between 20 – 30 days in many countries, continues for 3 months (June, July, August) in Turkey, that is the leader in cherry production in the world due to its geographical location and climate variety. By virtue of such substantial cooperation it carries out with the cherry producers, Turkish Cargo makes a significant contribution in respect of extended shelf life of the Turkish cherry as well as enabling it to reach new countries. Cherry exportation has experienced a significant increase as compared with the last year, and the demands received from various countries have also started to be met. Thus, Turkish Cargo has once more demonstrated its contribution to the Turkish economy.

Turkish Cargo, being capable of conveniently responding to the import-export demands received from any country in the world thanks to its effective flight network covering 121 countries around the world, builds up trust for the special cargo by virtue of its aircraft fleet, operational diversity and cold storage consignments supply chain.