Turkish Cargo organizes webinar titled 'Cargo Talks'

Published: Sunday, February 7, 2021

Turkish Cargo is organizing a webinar titled ‘Cargo Talks’ during which the valuable stakeholders of the air cargo industry, who finger on the pulse of the industry, will exchange opinions, and the important agenda items such as digitalization, vaccine transport, and the future of the industry will be discussed.
The digital event on the present and future of the air cargo industry that has been becoming ever more important as it provides speed, privilege, and reliance brings the logistic chain professionals and the valuable stakeholders of the air logistics industry, who finger on the pulse of the industry, together.
The international event to be held at top level with the representatives of the industry, during which the important developments such as the condition of the air logistics in the pandemic period, rising costs, flexibility areas, digitalization and smart technologies will be discussed, is composed of the “Future of Air Cargo and Digitalization in Air Cargo” panels and the presentation to be performed for vaccine transports.
The digital event that is checked in on http://www.cargotalksbyturkishcargo.com site that is free and public is going to be commenced with the opening speeches to be delivered by Mr. Ilker AYCI, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, Turkish Airlines and Mr. Turhan ÖZEN, Chief Cargo Officer at 14:30 in local time Turkey on February 10, 2021, and moderated by the renowned blogger Sam Chui.
During the panel, the kahoot contest, which is an interactive game, is going to be held, and the participants of the digital game prepared special to the webinar will compete with each other to win an air ticket. In the global digital event, the participants will find an opportunity to create an excellent network and virtually receive a training through the panels in which very important logistic agendas are to be discussed. You are invited to our free webinar special to the global supply chain industry!