Turkish Cargo grows more than seven times higher than the market

Published: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Reaching 307 destinations in 122 countries with the cargo transport capacity of Turkish Airlines, which flies to the most countries worldwide, and operating additional direct cargo flights to 85 destinations thanks to the fleet of freighters, Turkish Cargo performed 30% growth rate where market performed 4,3% growth according to World Air Cargo Market Data results at Jan-May era of 2018.

Besides, with performing a growth rate 20% at year over year basis in may results, where market performed 2,6% growth at the same period, world’s fastest growing air cargo brand Turkish Cargo was ranked 8 th among world’s reputed air cargo carriers of WACD with its successful performance.

Achieving a sustainable growth thanks to its current infrastructure and investments, Turkish Cargo is one of the fastest-growing air cargo companies of the world with these new routes. The outstanding air cargo brand combines its wide range of services and operational capabilities with the unique geographical advantages of Turkey, and keeps setting the bar higher with each passing day.