Turkish Cargo gets IATA excellence certificate

Published: Monday, August 29, 2016

Recognizing Turkish Airlines’ success in flying to more countries than any other airlines and Turkish Cargo’s role in transporting healthcare products with utmost care, the International Air Transport Association conferred the IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validators Pharma Logistics Certificate to the company’s hub in Istanbul.

The IATA CEIV Pharma Certificate is an affirmation that the cargo firm adheres to international guidelines in transporting medicines and other healthcare products.
Turkish Cargo has 3,000 m² special storage areas covering four different temperature ranges (from -20°C to +25°C) in an indoor area of 43.000 m² covering a total area of 71.000 m². The healthcare products are stored in a dedicated area of 1030 m².
In a statement, Turkish Cargo says transporting goods vital to human health is a delicate process that needs strict adherence to policy and care.

It noted that the right temperate is critical to transporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biotechnological products, diagnostic samples, precision healthcare devices, organs, tissues, among other things.

“Turkish Cargo acts extremely cautiously to preserve the integrity of the cold chain and the products, and gives the utmost priority to this issue,” Turkish Cargo said. “All storing and handling processes are carried out as specified in the relevant regulations. Temperatures are monitored with the telemetry system, and all cargo movements are tracked with COMIS, Turkish Cargo’s IT software in real time.”

“For the special cargo operations, a dedicated team ensures smooth continuation of the process. The temperature- and time-critical consignments are the last cargoes prepared for loading and the first ones loaded into the aircraft in order to minimize their exposure to outer environment,” it added.
The cargo firm also uses thermal blanket and active container services to minimize the risk to highly sensitive healthcare products. It also plans to commission the ‘Thermal Dolly’ service for consignments that are temperature and time-sensitive.

“Giving services up to high-quality standards in terms of the facility, equipment and transportation processes, Turkish Cargo receives services up to high standards thanks to its agreements with its service provider business partners, and takes pride in offering its customers the best service in transportation of healthcare products,” Turkish Cargo said.

Special equipment, storage facilities, compatible handling procedures, and above all, strong harmony among all elements of the entire cold chain are very important.
Turkish Cargo says it’s proud to get the IATA certificate of excellence and vows to continue working closely with the global healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.