Turkish Cargo achieves growth without slowing down

Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Turkish Cargo, which offers services to 120 countries all around the world and is one of the fastest-growing air cargo brands, continues to maintain its powerful growth strategy which has been implementing during the last decade successfully and increases its share in the global air cargo market.

Turkish Cargo, which has launched seven new service points all at once within the last two months, increased its cargo destinations to 72 by the end of August,’17 which was 55 as of the beginning of 2016. Having generated a wide corridor extending to Africa from Asia and to the Latin America from the Europe, Turkish Cargo has passed through the first half of 2017 with a great success.

Thanks to the aircraft fleet it has leveraged, Turkish Cargo boosted its extensive flight network, and made an indelible impression at the international market with its two Boeing 747-400 F freighters it has included in its fleet. In consequence of the increase in the number of its freighters, as well as the better utilization of the capacity increased in parallel therewith, Turkish Cargo enhanced its seat capacity utilization ratios by 11 points.

Thanks to the uptrend it has achieved, Turkish Cargo ranked among the top ten of the international air cargo carriers based on the data announced for June of 2017 by the WorldACD. Having reinforced its growth momentum with its regional accomplishments, Turkish Cargo has not only become the third air cargo company linking up Pakistan, Poland and the United Arab Emirates to the world, and the fifth air cargo company linking up Austria, Bangladesh, Egypt and Finland to the world, but also gained a growth success  by 46.8% in the Chinese market.

Turkish Cargo, which has accomplished an increase of 24.4% with respect to the revenue and 26.1% with respect to the cargo carried on a year-on-year basis, as of the end of June of 2017, maintains its rapid and sustainable growth.

By expanding to new destinations, Turkish Cargo brings its network and quality service to even more customers, meeting the needs of its clients with a careful attention to detail that is part of all aspects of Turkish Airlines.