Turkish Cargo: 25 years of unrivaled support to global health and cancer fight

Published: Monday, November 29, 2021

ISTANBUL, Turkey—Capitalizing on its strong global flight network, Turkish Cargo has been safely transporting Turkey’s medicine and medical products, particularly for cancer treatment, to more than 50 countries across five continents for over 25 years now.

In the nuclear medicine sector, Turkish Cargo plays an important role for cancer patients to reliably reach high quality diagnosis and treatment products in Turkey and abroad.

Turkey’s national airfreight carries radioactive cancer diagnosis medicine used in the treatment of cancer and tumors to Germany, Colombia, India, Algeria, Taiwan and all around the world. With 8 percent market share in medical transportation, national brand gives hope to cancer patients by providing fast and safe transportation for radioactive medicine with half-life, which are produced at night by Eczacıbaşı-Monrol.

Eczacıbaşı-Monrol Nuclear Products General Manager Aydın Küçük shared: “Our mission as Eczacıbaşı-Monrol is to benefit human lives with innovative and pioneering approaches when it comes to diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening illnesses.

 As Turkey’s first radiopharmaceutical manufacturer, we are one of the significant producers of nuclear medicine for cancer treatment in the world and we export our products to over 50 countries. We can deliver these successes to patients all around the world from Europe, Africa, America and Far East thanks to our strong logistical operation. With this in mind, Turkish Cargo is one of our strongest supporters since 1995 with its speed, operational quality and wide transportation network.”

Turkish Cargo greatly contributes to delivery of medical products to patients even sooner than planned with the opportunities provided to manufacturers and helps exporters reach new countries. Easily meeting demands of exporters with its wide flight network, it also contributes to the country’s economy with special campaigns and discounts for exporters.

Turkish Cargo continues to deliver health to over 300 destinations around the world via its medicine and medical product transportation operations conducted with its operational quality, special transportation methods and expert teams.

Stored in rooms featuring special temperature control with necessary infrastructure, medicine shipments are protected with specialist teams. Also possessing the IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) Pharma certificate, Turkish Cargo maintains the cold chain at ideal conditions with its TK Pharma product designed with global standards for medicine and vaccine transportations.

Maintaining its dialog with medical manufacturers, transportation companies, airports, ground operations and official authorities, successful brand can meet the requirements of medicine and vaccine producers when it comes to transportations at ultra-frozen range (70° C) by using its specially frozen containers such as dry ice and vehicles.

Able to meet the export and import demands from any country in the world, Turkish Cargo has begun telling the story of its cooperation with Turkey’s exporters via the promotional videos prepared within the “#WeProudlyCarry the Labor of Our Country” project.

The goal of the project is to effectively convey the opportunities of air cargo to Turkey’s exporters such as unparalleled market reach options along with effective, on point and reasonable prices. After the successful narrative of Turkish rose products with the Gülbirlik promotional video, the new segment focuses on Turkey’s health exports with the Eczacıbaşı-Monrol video. Here’s the link to that video https://youtu.be/V-clOl4949g