Turkish Airlines partner with CEFA Aviation for flight data animation partnership

Published: Monday, October 18, 2021

Turkish Airlines has signed a flight data animation partnership with CEFA Aviation.

Turkish Airlines continuously strives to achieve the highest possible safety standards. We are confident that CEFA FAS will help our Flight Safety Department manage operational issues and address future challenges”, said Captain Mehmet Nuri TİMURTAŞ, SVP, Corporate Safety.

Dominique MINEO, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation, shared, “We are delighted with this partnership and to know that the animations created with our solution will help Turkish Airline’s Flight Safety Team to continue to achieve the highest safety standards.”

CEFA FAS animations provide flight investigators with realistic visual and auditory elements to go beyond a purely mathematical FDM analysis. Reproducing the dynamics gives a concrete notion of time to each sequence of events and leads to a better understanding of performances. Its ease of use allows flight data analysts to have an excellent resource for communication and risk awareness among crews.

“Prevention is the most cost-efficient way to improve flight safety. In addition to being very useful for investigation, CEFA FAS will enable us to develop learning materials for pilots based on real facts from our airline”, said Cumhur KILINÇ, Turkish Airlines, safety information manager.