Tom Erskine is Accelya’s new CMO

Published: Monday, June 5, 2023

London, UK –Tom Erskine has been named the new Chief Marketing Officer of Accelya, a leading global provider of technology solutions to the travel industry, which seeks to accelerate growth through customer-first innovation for the airline industry.

Based in London, Tom will oversee the planning, development, and execution of Accelya’s marketing initiatives globally. He will report into Chief Revenue Officer Andrew Wilcock and will ensure the company remains inherently customer-centric and pro-airline in its approach, while further growing the culture of innovation within Accelya.

Tom previously held executive roles at Microsoft, AWS, and most recently Cloudways (now part of DigitalOcean), and has held leadership roles in the USA, UAE, and UK.

“This is a truly exciting time for airlines, I’m so proud to be joining an organization at the forefront of accelerating the digital transformation for the industry,” said Tom. “I look forward to driving further growth for Accelya by listening closely to our customers, fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation, and continuing to make Accelya a great place to work for our international team of marketers.”

Sam Gilliland, Chief Executive Officer at Accelya, said, “Tom’s exceptional experience in the software industry, in particular his years at AWS, will be invaluable in driving Accelya’s customer centricity and unlocking innovation across the company. He will be a tremendous asset to our leadership team, bringing a fresh perspective, strong international experience, and a track record for really striving to understand customers’ needs and motivations.”