time:matters optimizes its shipping processes using automated tracking

Published: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

time:matters, expert in worldwide special speed logistics and time-critical spare parts logistics, is automating the tracking process for its shipments. This will deliver a number of operational advantages. What once involved a great deal of time is now a much simpler process: Information on the status of the shipment, which until now had to be compiled manually, will soon be automatically generated.

Selected courier partners are linked with time:matters’ booking system via a direct system interface, meaning all relevant information can be exchanged automatically. This will do away with the need for additional communication between time:matters and its sub-contractors, such as Stadtbote, a courier service. “Orders are now send to our system directly via an interface. This enables us to work much more quickly and efficiently,” says Peter Karstens, CEO of Stadtbote GmbH.

Couriers receive all the key information on a shipment directly from time:matters. They can also enter details of the delivery process directly into time:matters’ system. This information is compiled by the courier in a web app (an app that can be accessed using a web browser) and can then be immediately sent to the customer. 100 courier partners for tracking entries are already using this mobile front end. Further linking the system to a flight database enables a quick response to flight delays and cancellations.

Automated tracking simplifies and speeds up the shipment process. Automatically obtaining tracking information has already increased to 80 per cent, corresponding to some 350,000 tracking points per year. The system also makes it easy to visualize complicated orders. In addition, process automation reduces the error rate for all involved. Errors in forwarding the order details are now a thing of the past when submitting the order to the courier. The accounting processes for the companies involved are also simplified since the orders are sent through the system without paper records and are automatically saved as ‘completed’. All this means that time:matters is operating with significantly greater efficiency, allowing it to process customer requests all the more effectively.

“Above all, as a further step in digitizing the logistics chain, process automation represents a major gain for our customers: They receive information that is more reliable more quickly than before and are always kept up-to-date on the current status of their shipment”, explains Christian Mörtl, COO of time:matters. Whether Sameday Air, On-Board Couriers or customized solutions – time:matters is focusing its energies on digitizing processes and tailor-made solutions to achieve greater speed and high quality standards.