time:matters expands cargo flight network in Europe

Published: Monday, May 11, 2020

time:matters, the expert for worldwide special speed logistics, in cooperation with CB Logistik, a specialist in express transportation, has optimized its flight network in the area of spare parts logistics/after sales service.

Due to COVID-19, most passenger flights to the Iberian Peninsula have been canceled. In order to alleviate the resulting bottleneck in freight capacity, both partners have been able to quickly establish a freight flight network to and from Spain.

From Baden-Baden flights are now operating to the Spanish capital Madrid 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

A dedicated SAAB 340 SF aircraft departs weekdays from Baden-Baden at 20:00 and arrives in Madrid at 23:30. Shortly after midnight, the consignments can be distributed via CB Logistik’s partner network and thus reach Spanish and Portuguese customers by noon the same day. The majority of the consignments are delivered to the respective delivery points of the In-Night service customers before 08:00.

The Balearic and Canary Islands can also be served from Madrid on the same day.

With this new In-Night Express freight charter solution, time:matters, together with CB Logistik, offers customers a fast service for spare and production parts as well as other commodities, including the transport of hazardous goods. Upon request, the new flight connection is also available from Madrid to Baden-Baden for time-critical shipments.

Customers from the mechanical engineering, agricultural, industrial trucks and medical technology sectors in particular appreciate this new transport connection, as failures of relevant components quickly cause high downtime costs or contractual penalties. These can be avoided by this new flight connection. Customers from other industry segments can also benefit from the new flight service.

For many customers, the stability of their supply chains is of immense importance due to massive restrictions in air and cross-border road transport. The timely delivery of required spare parts to dealers and service technicians, for example at the beginning of the harvest season, can continued to be planned by time:matters and CB Logistik. Thus, the parts arrive at the right time where they are needed.

“By using the new freight flight route, our customers benefit from guaranteed shipping, extremely short handling times both in Baden-Baden and Madrid, and thus maximum flexibility,” says Stephan Vogel, Managing Director of time:matters Spare Parts Logistics GmbH.

“Through the cooperation with time:matters, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a creative and high-performance transport solution for maintaining their supply chains, so that the goods can be picked up late as usual and still be available early in the morning of the following day,” adds Marc Jobelius, Member of the Management Board of CB Logistik.

With the jointly developed solution, both companies strive to be a reliable partner for their customers in the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19.