Tigers sponsor charitable trust to empower and educate children in India

Published: Thursday, January 3, 2019

Tigers is helping to empower and educate children in India by sponsoring the Discover Urjaa Charitable Trust – a charity focused on helping disadvantaged children discover their potential through workshops and training programmes.

Global logistics and transport specialists Tigers is committed to social responsibility, and the Discover Urjaa Charitable Trust was formed by staff at Tigers India to give back to society and support the education of children.

“Urjaa is a Hindi word meaning energy and potential, so the trust focuses primarily on helping children from financially disadvantaged families to discover their potential, or Urjaa,” said Vignesh Manjeshwar, Managing Director at Tigers India.

“Our work in Mumbai has helped many children to complete their education and bring about small but meaningful change in society through the education and empowerment of children.”

Discover Urjaa Charitable Trust is primarily funded by Tigers and staff from the Mumbai office support the organisation through volunteering their time at workshops and training, including teaching children English to help their careers in later life.

“English is India’s primary business language, as well as an international language, so it will help children with their studies, offer them better career opportunities when they are adults, increase their confidence, equip them with better communication skills, and broaden their world view,” added Manjeshwar.

Tigers also supports the Ubuntu Pathways charity in South Africa to help children learn computer skills, and runs the Savages in-house leadership development programme to nurture Tigers employees to become future leaders.

“People development is at the core of the Tigers’ value system, and, as a global organisation, it is our responsibility to give something back to society, which is being made possible through our work with Discover Urjaa and Ubuntu Pathways,” said Andrew Jillings, Chief Executive Officer at Tigers.

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