Tigers launch new updates for its freight and e-commerce portal

Published: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Global logistics and transportation company Tigers has released new updates for its SmartHub:Connect freight and e-commerce portal, which are designed to help customers during current disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and to support them in the aftermath of the crisis.
SmartHub:Connect has seen a spike in logins and has been supporting increased e-commerce volumes since the beginning of March.
The new features, which will help manage rapidly changing customer demands, include streamlined Purchase Order functions, online notification to the customer or operations if a booking needs attention, and bulk upload of order exceptions.
“In the last month, we have continued to see an upsurge in health-related products and some of the more essential e-commerce items, with conversely B2B and luxury clothing items seeing a dip,” said Mark Gatenby, Chief Information Officer, Tigers.
“At the same time, we are noticing that demand for outdoor leisurewear, while not increasing, is holding steady, and we believe we can reasonably expect a surge as people are more likely to take holidays nearer to home; certainly, interest is there.
“With the e-commerce and logistics landscape changing so rapidly as these examples demonstrate, Tigers has been working on new SmartHub:Connect features designed to help people get through the crisis and its aftermath.”
Tigers plans to release real-time alerts for delayed sailings or flights, and is further developing its SmartHub:Connect app as part of the ongoing improvements.
Tigers last week organized the safe transportation of over 1.38 million masks and 53 large ventilators on a charter flight from Shanghai, China, to Rome, Italy to support the Italian Government’s fight against Covid-19.
The medical supplies travelled in the bellyhold and on the passenger deck of a Boeing 777-200 from Shanghai Pudong Airport, to Fiumicino Airport.

A total of 1,385,000 masks, 53 large ventilators, and a consignment of ventilator accessories were delivered to hospitals across the Italian capital, with more flights expected over the coming weeks.