TIACA vision paves way for modern and unified air cargo industry

Published: Monday, February 5, 2018

 TIACA’s leadership team is rolling out a new vision for the Association, which will see the development of more training and consultancy projects, as well as a new look, and a reinvigorated value proposition for members.

TIACA’s new focus will ensure a forward-looking approach to representing, supporting and informing every element of an efficient, modern, and unified air cargo industry.


The Association will be global, whilst acting local and regional, and will work closely with other organizations and government bodies, building on recent tie-ups with associations in Africa, Latin America, North America, and Asia.


In addition, TIACA will set up clusters of members representing the different sectors of the industry, including, for example, airlines, airports, and ground handling agencies (GHAs).


The clusters will concentrate on issues specific to their interests and challenges to develop solutions beneficial to the entire industry.


“TIACA is the only association representing all parts of the air cargo supply chain, and we have a 28-year history of championing our industry and supporting the development of talent and best practice,” said Sebastiaan Scholte, TIACA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jan de Rijk Logistics.


“The logistics landscape is rapidly evolving and disruptive business practices are challenging us to innovate; there has never been a more relevant time for TIACA to take the lead.”

TIACA’s is pledging to secure improved networking opportunities at its showcase events, the Air Cargo Forum (ACF) and the Executive Summit (ES), as well as through regular communication and a new website.


The new vision was developed by a think-tank of industry experts, set up by TIACA’s leadership team and including Ram Menen, one of the Association’s founding members and President and Chairman of the Board between 1995 and 1996.


“The dynamics of air cargo has had a major makeover the past years,” said Menen.


“In keeping with this evolution, it is important for TIACA to stay relevant and show leadership in catalyzing the change needed to embrace the new norm.


“The Association has a proud history of supporting our industry and demonstrating thought leadership and, with this new vision, we are paving the way for a strong future for airfreight.”


As part of the new strategy, TIACA is developing a new logo and new website, both of which will be launched later this year.


“TIACA members are already benefitting from our new agreements with associations in Latin America, Africa, North America, and Asia, and we will focus on further developing these ties,” said Vladimir Zubkov, TIACA Secretary General.


“TIACA’s new focus will ensure the Association continues to be proactive in the development of a sustainable and innovative air cargo industry.”


The new vision will see TIACA build further consultancy and training programs to support the ongoing development of the industry and will create a pool of qualified consultants and principles to provide the necessary expertise.

This knowledge-sharing will help communities and regions willing to raise standards and improve, to forge a sustainable and healthy industry.


The TIACA leadership team will be regularly updating members with more information as they continue to roll out the new vision for the Association.


To find out more about exhibiting at TIACA’s Air Cargo Forum (ACF) in Toronto this October 16th to 18th, contact Warren Jones, TIACA Executive Director, by emailing wjones@tiaca.org, calling +1 (786) 265 7011, or visiting tiaca.org