TIACA Regional Event Africa – a Collaborative Success

Published: Friday, July 7, 2023

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) concluded its third regional event, the TIACA Event Africa held June 19-21st with delegates declaring the event was successful in its aim to bring the local air cargo community and international delegates together to discuss the intricacies of doing business to / from and within Africa. The event was held in Nairobi and was hosted by Kenya Airports Authority.

TIACAs first regional event in Africa, held in Nairobi, brought together 200 delegates from across the industry to discuss issues that affect the African air cargo market and gave insight into how to do business within Africa. Topics such as SAATM, AfCFTA, eCommerce, pharma, perishables, freighter capacity, workforce challenges, digital innovation and air cargo outlook were addressed. Event delegates took part in two days of lively discussions, debate and informational sessions as well as networking opportunities throughout the event.

“We were pleased to have such great support from the Kenyan government, African Airlines Association (AFRAA), our host Kenyan Airports Authority and our many sponsors, as well as the membership, the industry and its leaders. The events success is vital to uniting the air cargo industry by bringing the international community together to discuss, debate and network in regions throughout the world.” Steven Polmans, Chair, TIACA

“As Kenya Airports Authority, we are delighted to have played host to TIACA Event Africa. The event provided an excellent platform for networking, sharing insights, and exploring opportunities to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of air cargo operations within Africa. We remain committed to working collaboratively with industry stakeholders to address challenges, capitalize on the potential of the African air cargo market, and foster an environment that promotes innovation, embraces modern technologies, and supports sustainable growth.” – Alex Gitari, MD, Kenya Airports Authority

“KAA was very excited to host the TIACA Event-Africa that brought together industry experts across to discuss both futuristic and current affairs affecting the airfreight business environment in Africa. Indeed this was long awaited and we can’t wait to be part of the next event. As a matter of fact, Airlink signed its first formal partnership agreement with an African carrier, the Nairobi-based cargo airline, Astral Aviation, during the TIACA Event-Africa!.. such success stories and business development are among the salient reasons why we will always be part of the TIACA community.” Jacob Bwana, General Manager, Marketing and Business Development, Kenya Airports Authority

TIACAs regional events are designed to identify specific issues on a regional level that TIACA can incorporate into our overall work on behalf of the industry. Each regional event will develop an action plan that will be incorporated into TIACAs strategic objectives and activities.

“AFRAA is constantly seeking ways to create more value to its members, and in doing so we are very excited to deepen the cooperation with TIACA. This collaboration is crucial for AFRAA to tap into TIACA’s expertise and knowhow on air cargo for the development of air transport industry in Africa. Staging the first-ever edition of the TIACA Regional Summit in Africa is a major stride to contribute to the overall sustainability of African aviation. We believe that the synergies will be beneficial African airlines and TIACA members.” Mr. Abderahmane Berthé – AFRAA Secretary General.

“Each regional event that we organize shows us the importance of the role each region plays in the overall air cargo market. We find connecting with the members and the air cargo community during these regional events vital in our mission to unite the industry. We are able to establish stronger relationships and identify issues that we as a membership driven association may need to take up. We now look forward to the next event the global TIACA Executive Summit and invite everyone to join us and discuss air cargo on the global level.” Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA

The next TIACA event will be the Executive Summit hosted by Brussels International Airport and will be held in Brussels, Belgium, November 6-8th, 2023.