The WACO System Welcomes Five New Members During 50th-Year Extraordinary General Meeting

Published: Wednesday, November 8, 2023

The WACO System has formally welcomed five new members at its 50th-year Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), which took place in October in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Onboard courier (OBC) Wings On Board (WOB), and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) SACO Shipping (SACO), are The WACO System’s newest Associate Vendor members.

Taiwan Express Co. Ltd, Freight in Time Logistics PLC, and Acconnage Consignation Transit S.a. have also recently joined the independent global freight management network as members representing the countries of Taiwan, Ethiopia, and Mauritania respectively.

The EGM, which took place in The WACO System’s golden anniversary year and was hosted together with local member Royal Cargo, also featured key talks covering critical issues such as the growing importance of sustainability and emerging technologies in freight.

“Ever since The WACO System was first established in 1973, the network has gone from strength to strength, adding local knowledge and expertise from members representing key markets around the globe,” said Richard Charles, Chief Operating Officer (CEO), The WACO System.

“We are pleased that our five newest members have been able to join in on the celebrations this year at our 50th-year EGM, as well as benefit from an unparalleled opportunity to network, discuss important issues that matter, and explore new business prospects.”

Over 1,100 bilateral meetings were held throughout the event with delegates taking full advantage of the 18.5 hours of dedicated meeting time, a hallmark of The WACO System’s bi-annual meetings.

The WACO System’s Annual General Meeting 2024 will be held in Istanbul next April where members will be presented with an opportunity to discuss further changes and developments in the sector.