The business of connectivity

Published: Sunday, August 13, 2017


Aviation’s history spans for at least two thousand years and the field where the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first successful airplane in 1908 is considered as the first airport in modern-day times despite some historians disputing it.

Airports play a crucial role in military and global economy, connecting people and resources across regions, countries and continents. Today, they are some of the largest employers in the planet, with practically all industries—airlines, food, security, technology, freight, logistics, supply-chain, among others—directly or indirectly linked to its operations.

Europe has more than 500 airports in 45 countries accounting for 4 percent of its GDP. In 2015, the Airports Council International Europe reported it handled more than 1.9 billion passengers, 18.9 million tons of freight and 22.8 million aircraft movements.

Germany’s Hamburg Airport, opened in January of 1911, holds the record as the world’s oldest airport still in operation with more than 160,000 aircraft movements recorded in 2016.

This Port City’s success is mirrored across Germany, most notably in Munich Airport, the first and only Five-Star Airport in Europe, which handled more than 42 million passengers in 2016.

In this edition, we’re bringing you the story of Munich Airport. How it successfully transformed itself from its humble beginnings to a world-famous airport, selling its innovative ideas and management expertise across the globe.

Dr. Michael Kerkloh, the president and CEO of Munich Airport, shares his insights and what’s next for this busy entry-point to Messe Munchen, the world famous exhibition center.

Munich Airport and Dubai International Airport are some of the busiest in the world with unparalleled global connectivity to hundreds of cities and destinations.

In India, we’re tackling the controversial General Sales Tax or GST, which will certainly impact the most the country’s logistics sector with exports and imports of goods at an all time high.

ULDs, an important component in the air cargo industry and travelers as well, are also highlighted in this issue.  And so are experts talking about baggage handling’s intricate system.

And as always, we’re bringing you the latest news and features in the air cargo industry and its allied sectors. Read on!


Gemma Casas