Teleport Forges Major Partnerships in Asia Pacific

Published: Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Teleport is making moves towards expanding its global network with recently announced partnerships with major carriers in Asia Pacific. 

The logistics venture of Capital A Berhad, formerly Air Asia, has signed an interline partnership with SF Airlines to combine their extensive air networks in and out of the region. 

Teleport said the partnership with SF Airlines, the largest cargo airline in China with a fleet of 84 freighters, will not only increase its regional connectivity within the country but also extend its reach beyond Southeast Asia and into Europe and the Americas. 

The company said it is actively adding third-party airlines to its air logistics network to expand into key airports like Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok from China, with the aim to support SF Airlines in pushing its cross-border product in Southeast Asia. 

The partnership has already moved significant cargo volumes on the combined network, Teleport noted.