TAP partners with cargo e-booking platform cargo.one

Published: Tuesday, March 10, 2020

TAP Air Portugal (TAP), has entered into a partnership with cargo e-booking platform cargo.one.
The digital platform will be connected with TAP’s cargo system in the second quarter of this year.
The partnership will provide TAP with access to cargo.one’s customer base and a faster channel to market for new cargo products.

It will also provide TAP with digital capabilities, such as online distribution and dynamic pricing, as well as reinforcing “operational efficiency and day-to-day service quality of the airline”.

Moritz Claussen, managing director of cargo.one, commented: “We are delighted that the TAP Air Cargo team has selected cargo.one to help drive their extraordinary growth and transformation.

“At cargo.one we strive to work with the most forward-thinking airlines around the globe. TAP Air Cargo has an outstanding team, which has shown foresight to embrace technology in order to drive growth and to put its customers first.”

Bernardo Nunes, product and services senior manager at TAP Air Cargo, added, “We are increasingly interested in providing new cargo products to our customers and will leverage cargo.one as a distribution channel for those.
“The platform represents an excellent channel for effectively marketing products to freight forwarders with fast lead times, better exposure, and less complicated processing than with traditional channels.

“Time to market is absolutely critical to us, as we understand that together with excellent access, and unique user experience these are key attributes towards complete customer centricity.” 

Numerous leading airlines are already connected with and distribute their air cargo capacity on cargo.one. The platform is also used by more than 400 freight forwarders.