Tampa International undergoes terminal modernization

Published: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beginning in 2011, Tampa International Airport embarked upon its largest expansion in the airport’s history – a $1 billion terminal modernization to dramatically transform facilities and improve operational efficiency, increase capacity, and enhance the passenger experience. As a primary driver of economic growth in the region, the terminal improvements ensure the airport can accommodate some 35 million passengers per year, double the annual amount recorded in 2013.

Tampa International Airport looked to AirIT, part of the Amadeus group’s Airport IT business unit, to deliver the technology required. The airport will expand AirIT’s EASE™ Shared Use passenger processing platform and implement AirIT’s Airport Operational Database/Resource Management System (AODB/RMS) and Data Archival and Retrieval (DAR) solution. AirIT’s Extended Airline System Environment (EASE™) represents the present and future in airport passenger processing technology, allowing airline carriers to operate in their own native system environments while delivering cost savings and enhanced operational flexibility to airport operators.

In addition to the EASE™ expansion, AirIT’s shared use platform will be supported by a full implementation of AirIT’s AODB and Resource Management System (RMS), in order to optimize the airport’s dynamic resource planning capabilities.

The Phase II technology package also includes the implementation of AirIT’s Data Archival and Retrieval (DAR) system as well as integration with the airport’s existing property and revenue management platform, PROPworks®. PROPworks® is AirIT’s cornerstone Business Systems solution and is considered a standard in the industry. PROPworks® is in operation at more than 100 airports sites worldwide, including four of the five busiest airports in the US.