SmartLOG signs agreement to automate vaccine distribution Center

Published: Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Spain-headquartered warehouse automation solutions provider, SmartLOG Group signed an agreement with the official logistics service provider of the Catalonian Department of Health to supply its vaccine distribution center with robotics and temperature control technologies.

As per the five years agreement, SmartLOG will supply five robots and 2137 bins as part of the group’s strategy to step into the healthcare and pharmaceutical market. SmartLOG provides scalable warehouse management solutions to 48 healthcare customers worldwide.

The group announced in October that it will expand operations to the UAE to meet the rising demand in the Middle East market, describing the latest agreement as an ‘ideal case study’ to showcase its expertise in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics logistics sectors.

Moreover, the group announced its plans to access new sectors in the Middle East including e-commerce, e-grocery shopping, food and beverage, aviation, and spare parts.

SmartLOG stated it sees great potential in the dark store operation model, with retail facilities resembling conventional stores but not open to the public, instead the products are used to fulfill online orders, adding that the concept is not only suitable for e-sellers but also for pharmaceutical companies currently investing in similar establishments.

Nevertheless, these establishments will be subject to legislation challenges calling for immense collaboration between governments and pharmaceutical companies to ensure safe operations.

The group affirmed it is well equipped with customized solutions to serve the businesses shifting to dark store operations.

On a related note, the group signed an agreement with a leading company in the cosmetics sector to provide solutions for cart picking and order consolidation.