SLxchange launches portal for efficient and cost-effective cargo handling

Published: Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Cargo and logistics exchange digital platform SLxchange has launched a portal that is designed to enable shippers to use the services of forwarders for efficient and cost-effective cargo handling.

“Our objective is to create a portal that gets customers and carriers on the same platform while giving options to customers to choose from the numerous carrier services and forwarders, shipping companies and carriers an opportunity to generate more business,” said lssam Amin, co-founder and chief executive of SLxchange.

“Our easy-to-use portal, coupled with advanced technology, helps shippers find forwarders who can handle their shipment in a most competitive rate.”

Owned and operated by Smart Logistics Solutions in Dubai, SLxchange operates globally providing end-to-end solutions on a single portal guaranteeing the privacy of personal data, protection of financial transactions, and strict adherence to customs laws through a global network of forwarders and carriers.

Amin added: “The global logistics industry is constantly evolving, and SLxchange is designed to be a neutral marketplace and provide a mutually beneficial platform that helps shippers find the most qualified and certified freight forwarders along with providing carriers to expand their footprint.”