Silk Way West closes strategic gap with Tianjin on its network

Published: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Silk Way West Airlines is poised to start a twice weekly service to Tianjin connecting its global Hub in Baku with one of the leading industrial centers in Northern China.

“With this service we will close the strategic gap in offering as well Fullfreighter services to booming Northern China,” Wolfgang Meier, President of SWW is been quoted.

The service will run every Friday and Sunday and will offer smooth transit options through SWW’s own controlled global Hub in Baku.

“We have noticed a strong demand East and West bound with automotive and aerospace related goods leading the commodity list. Throughout the whole planning process there was a great cooperation with Representatives of Tianjin Airport in order to set up the new flight for us for which we are thankful,” Mr. Meier is commenting.