Silk Way increases flight frequencies to China

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Within the format of the 2nd ICAO Cargo Conference held in Zhengzhou from 5th to the 7th of September and in conjunction with an own Silk Way West Airlines company reception held at the same time, Silk Way announced further news on their strategic development in China. “With great pleasure we do announce the increase of our weekly flight frequencies between our global Hub in Baku and Zhengzhou from 4 to 6 weekly frequencies. With this we are entering into the new stage of our strategic cooperation with The Government of Henan Province and Zhengzhou Airport. We are excited to further strengthen this cooperation by seeing further growth”, SWW’s President and CEO Wolfgang Meier is quoted. By having met senior representatives of The Henan Government it was agreed to further enhance the strategic cooperation in paving the way to significantly increase the frequencies between both Hubs in the future. “Within a short period of time we manage to emerge as the one of the leading cargo carriers in Zhengzhou and we are aiming to further increase tonnage and flights as Zhengzhou provides for us the perfect platform to grow in view of our core capabilities to serve the Silk Air Route in accordance to the One Belt – One Road strategy The Chinese Government is strategically pursuing”, Mr. Meier is been quoted.