Scholte to step down as TIACA chairman

Published: Monday, April 8, 2019

Sebastiaan Scholte is to step down as Chairman of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) following his departure as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jan de Rijk Logistics on July 1st 2019.

Scholte has headed up the TIACA Board since 2017, taking over after two and a half years as Vice Chairman.

He has been working with the current Vice Chairman Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo and Logistics, Brussels Airport Company, on a new vision for the Association since last January.

“It was a great honor to have served as Chairman of the TIACA Board,” said Scholte.

“The organization is financially healthy again and is strategically on the right track. Moreover, we have a great team of Board members and management.

“I would like to thank all members, staff, and Board members for their faith and support over the years.

“TIACA remains the only organization that truly represents the interests of the whole air cargo supply chain.”

TIACA’s bylaws state that Board members must be trustee members of the Association, which means that Scholte can no longer serve after leaving Jan de Rijk.

Vice Chairman Polmans will therefore take up the Chairmanship on 1 July, a few months earlier than planned, at TIACA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Budapest, Hungary, in November.

“We very much regret that Sebastiaan is leaving, but of course respect his decision,” said Polmans.

“I ran for Vice Chairman of TIACA in close cooperation with him and with a clear interest to work closely with him.

“Together we came up with a clear strategy and four-year action plan for the Association and I am proud to be able to take over a healthier and stronger TIACA.

“I am determined to continue working with the Board, the Chairman’s Council, and our members to deliver the action plan we started at the beginning of Sebastiaan’s Chairmanship.”

“Sebastiaan and Steven have done an admirable job to turn around TIACA against the odds and stabilize the organization,” said Ram Menen, one of the Association’s founding members, past Chairman, and member of the Chairman’s Council.

“We are very pleased because it is an important Association representing all sections of the air cargo industry, and it is an organization that the industry needs.”

Scholte is stepping down as CEO of Jan de Rijk as of July 1 2019 to pursue new opportunities.