SCALA turnover up by 33% compared to previous year

Published: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Company turnover at international supply chain and logistics consultancy SCALA has increased by 33% compared to the previous year, almost doubling 2019 and 2020 levels, following a string of global projects.

The business credits its global expansion for the impressive growth, having delivered work in countries such as Australia, France, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and Turkey. Looking to the future, SCALA has several upcoming supply chain and logistics projects across China, South America, Benelux, Ireland, and the US, spanning a variety of industries.

To better support its international client portfolio, the business has also announced plans to expand beyond its existing international partnerships. SCALA is already partnered with Ocean Group to run the SCALA China joint venture, providing supply chain best practice in the region. But is now focusing more on work in the US, having just confirmed a new American partner

In the last year, SCALA has been involved with a variety of projects, advising its client portfolio on topics such as the rise of automation, mergers and acquisitions, and continued environmental pressures.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) now account for 30% of SCALA’s business activity. Over the last year, SCALA has supported 11 M&A projects with seven different businesses, which has resulted in a two-fold increase in revenue from M&A related work, when compared to the previous year.

“Our continued growth over the past year can be attributed to numerous factors. Most notably, the national and global challenges of the past two years have incentivized companies to review their supply chain strategies and optimize their logistics networks to build increased resilience and flexibility throughout their supply chains,” John Perry, managing director at SCALA, said.

“Another major contributing factor is the acceleration in companies looking into AI, robotics, and automation. Businesses are increasingly exploring the opportunities these technologies offer to assist with the changing logistics landscape of continued resource shortages.”

“SCALA is establishing itself as an internationally renowned consultancy that brings innovation, data modelling expertise and the latest in technological developments, all with a pragmatic and critical approach from our highly experienced team. We have an excellent reputation across our industry for our honesty and, above all, for our consultants’ capability to work seamlessly with our clients’ teams.”