Royal Brunei Airlines extends partnership with ECS Group

Published: Monday, February 14, 2022

ECS Group announced it has secured a two year contract extension with Royal Brunei Airlines and will represent the cargo division of the airline at a mix of online and offline destinations across nine territories: S.E Asia, Australia, China, Middle East/Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, India, United States and Canada.

The GSA partnership with Royal Brunei Airlines first began in 2018 in 11 countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.

The new contract started on February 1, 2022 and will run through to January 31, 2024, now counts 26 countries, though excludes Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan.

The pandemic largely disrupted the airline’s operations which originally included daily flights to most of the countries in its network.

Certain destinations currently remain suspended. However, ECS Group will continue to support Royal Brunei in diversifying to new destinations, and predicts a large increase in tonnage over the next two years.

“We are committed to giving our customer ECS Group’s best and are proud to have secured this contract extension. It is the result of excellent teamwork within ECS Group headquarters and stations, and testament to our close partnership with Royal Brunei,” Noor Azizah, ECS Group regional VP Asia Pacific (exc. China), states. “We look forward to another two years of working hand-in-hand with this award-winning, boutique airline offering great service!”

“Royal Brunei Airlines is delighted to continue its Cargo GSA relationship with ECS Group. The renewed relationship will further strengthen the partnership between Royal Brunei Airlines and ECS Group, with extended coverage of key territories such as Australia and UAE, as well as potential offline markets in USA, Canada, and India. With their network coverage, we believe and hope to see ECS Group enhance Royal Brunei Airline’s footprint and presence with improved revenue performance in the represented territories,” says Christina Chua, senior vice president passenger, cargo and charter sales at Royal Brunei Airlines.