Quantum-South unveils advanced versions its cargo optimization solutions

Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Quantum computing software company Quantum-South has launched advanced versions of its air cargo optimization solutions.
The air cargo optimization software developed by Quantum-South uses quantum algorithms with the aim of enabling air cargo companies to maximize loading efficiency in operations, increase profitability, and reduce costs.
The software intelligently considers factors such as maximum weight and length, center of gravity, shear, and the shape of the fuselage, ensuring compliance with all necessary restrictions.
Unit load device and pallet load optimization is one of the focus areas for the company. The software optimizes the cargo build-up process using precise dimensions and weight obtained at acceptance, resulting in an efficient utilization of cargo space and maximizing certain business rules like the priority of packages to be transported, said Quantum-South.
Aircraft load optimization is another issue tackled by the software, which is designed to intelligently optimize the aircraft load to ensure optimal utilization of resources, enhance operational efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
Quantum-South’s software also addresses fuel consumption by optimizing the location of the center of mass (on the aircraft), which aims to result in cost savings and environmental benefits.
Rafael Sotelo, president and co-founder of Quantum-South, commented: “We are excited to introduce our enhanced air cargo optimization solutions powered by quantum inspired algorithms. With our innovative approach, we aim to transform the air cargo industry by helping companies increase revenues, reduce costs, and achieve operational excellence.”