PressianaNaydenova joins Seahorse Freight Association.

Published: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

The Seahorse Freight Association, a not-for-profit organisation championing career and networking opportunities for journalists in supply chain and transport, has welcomed PressianaNaydenova, Corporate Communications Manager at Associated British Ports (ABP), to its committee.

As a Board Member on the committee Pressiana will help raise awareness around the rewarding careers available in trade journalism and the important work done by the organisation to recognise media excellence, including its annual Seahorse Journalism Awards, which will launch shortly.

“I am really excited to join this organisation, which has a vital role to play in promoting careers in trade journalism, as well as nurturing journalists’ skills in interpreting what are often complex concepts and conveying them to the public in an accessible way,” said Pressiana.

“Promoting and recognising those who tell the stories of our great maritime sector is an important mission, which I look forward to helping deliver.”

In her current role at ABP, which is the UK’s leading ports group, Pressiana delivers integrated communications strategies and oversees branding and planning of company events such as the “Women in Maritime Charter” launch in 2017, organised in partnership with WISTA UK, and ABP’s sustainability strategy launch, Ready for Tomorrow, in February 2023.

Prior to joining ABP, she held a number of communications and marketing roles in the charity and private sectors.

The Seahorse Freight Association, which was formed in 1962, brings companies in the supply chain, logistics, and transport industry together with the media who report on them and the public relations and marketing professionals who work in the sector.

Seahorse organises an annual awards competition to celebrate excellence in reporting, which is open to all journalists globally that write about the industry.

“Seahorse is focused on celebrating and rewarding excellence in reporting in our industry and shining a light on the fantastic career opportunities in journalism in our sector,” said Emma Murray, Seahorse Chair and CEO and Founder of Meantime Communications.

“Pressiana’s experience and energy are a fantastic addition to our team, and we look forward to working with her as we continue to champion diversity and encourage the next generation of writers.”

Seahorse’s next event will be a summer party, with details announced shortly.