Pledge and WCAworld Team Up to Support Forwarders in Meeting Sustainability Regulations

Published: Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Climate-tech company Pledge has integrated its Freight Emissions Calculator on the WCAworld’s website as part of the network’s ECO Program, supporting its forwarder members in their journey to comply with new sustainability regulations.

The calculator allows users to measure freight emissions globally across all modes of transport by entering cargo details, origin, and destination.

Users can then choose to refine results by entering additional shipment data, including shipment legs, port calls, stopovers, transhipments, and warehousing, for an accurate and detailed emissions calculation result.

“New reporting regulations are being rolled out globally, requiring shippers to calculate and report on emissions, including in their supply chains,” said David de Picciotto, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder, Pledge.

“Pledge is committed to providing industry-wide access to solutions that help forwarders and shippers comply, and embedding our free Freight Emissions Calculator on the WCAworld website is a key milestone in this.”

Regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the European Union (EU) are already in force. Additionally, the EU’s recently proposed Green Claims Directive and the UK’s Sustainable Disclosure Requirements (SDRs) will also mandate the reporting of supply chain emissions, meaning shippers will have to get access to this data from their forwarders in the near future.

The WCAworld’s Eco Program prioritises accessibility, assisting members in complying with evolving regulations and meeting customer expectations for emissions reporting and offsetting.

Pledge’s contribution to the ECO Program also involves offering members access to its full Emissions Measurement Platform at a discounted rate, which can further assist them in setting emissions targets and determining reduction strategies.

“Providing WCAworld members with an industry-leading emissions calculation and offsetting tool enables them to offer their customers the data they require and helps the independent forwarding community stay at the forefront of changes required by new environmental regulations,” said Dan March, CEO, WCAworld.

Pledge’s calculator is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre for adherence with the Global Logistics Emissions Council Framework (GLEC), the official global standard for the calculation and reporting of logistics emissions.  This means it is also ISO 14083-aligned.

The news follows Pledge’s recent launch of Impact Links, the latest addition to its sustainability toolkit, a no-code solution enabling freight forwarders to offer clients instant offsets and carbon credit purchases.