Pharma logistics firm Medexi to open new service center at Brucargo’s logistics area

Published: Monday, July 19, 2021

Pharma logistics firm Medexi will open a new service center at Brussels Airport’s Brucargo logistics area.

The new building was recently completed and will become the home base of Medexi. The center offers 4,000 sq m of warehousing and office space, 2,400 sq m of which is temperature-controlled.

In the new warehouses, Medexi has several temperature zones with constant monitoring (15-25°C, 2-8°C, -20°C and -70°C) as well as dry shippers and refrigerated containers.

Medexi is a new joint venture made up of Hazgo, a logistics services provider specialized in dangerous goods, including dry ice packaging; Ivemar, which is active in the transportation and storage of goods that require special care or treatment and Medista a medical supply company that manages the local distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Tom Heymans, co-founder of Medexi, said: “Within Medexi, we bring together our long-standing niche market expertise thus strengthening the pharmaceuticals logistics chain and the position of Brussels Airport as the pharma gateway by excellence of Europe. As independent Pharma Service Center we can support all partners, from international forwarders to small research labs and big pharmaceutical corporations.”

Arnaud Feist, chief executive of Brussels Airport Company, added, “In our logistics zone we already had over 30,000 sq m of temperature-controlled warehouses aimed at these shipments and today, with the new Pharma Service Center, we’re adding an extra 2,400 m².”