Oman Air, SATS sign joint venture agreement

Published: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oman Air and SATS, through its wholly owned subsidiary SATS Investments, recently signed a joint venture agreement for cargo handling at Muscat International Airport.

Under the agreement, Oman Air will transfer its cargo handling business and related assets to its wholly owned subsidiary Oman Air Cargo. Subsequently, SATS will acquire a 33 per cent equity stake in the subsidiary. The joint venture company will then be renamed Oman SATS Cargo.

Oman SATS Cargo will have an issued and paid up share capital of OMR500,000, comprising 500,000 ordinary shares of OMR1. It is expected to commence operations during the second quarter of 2016. It will become the single source provider of cargo handling services first at the existing cargo facility and then at the new state-of-the-art cargo terminal in Muscat International Airport.

SATS will provide the requisite management and technical know-how to the joint venture including staff training as well as reviewing of existing cargo processes and operations work flow at the new cargo terminal in Muscat.

Paul Gregorowitsch, CEO of Oman Air, said, “The joint venture with SATS is one of our initiatives intended to prepare for the growth in airline operations in the coming years as well as secure a quality improvement in the services provided to our cargo customers. With SATS as our partner, we also believe that the subsequent growth of the new company will result in increased employment and career development opportunities for Omani citizens”.

Alex Hungate, SATS’ President and CEO, said, “This strategic partnership with Oman Air will enhance connectivity for our cargo customers across Asia and strengthen Oman’s position as a transit hub. We also see opportunities to develop cold-chain handling capabilities and promote carriage of premium and temperature-controlled airfreight for Oman Air and other airlines.”