Nypels joins APOC Aviation’s Engine Trading division

Published: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

APOC Aviation has brought Jim Nypels into its new Engine Trading Division as the organization prepares for a return to increased leasing and trading activity. Nypels has been with APOC since the start of the business in 2015.

After a period as Warehouse & Logistics Manager he moved to project management focusing on airframe teardowns – a core activity for the innovative leasing, trading, aircraft component and part-out specialist.

Supported by significant investment, APOC Aviation is actively seeking to develop opportunities in the engines’ arena and Anca Mihalache, VP Engine Trading, who will mentor Nypels in his new role, believes that his solid experience of the APOC ethos combined with a genuine enthusiasm for the engines side of the aviation aftermarket, will be immediate assets as she grows her team. “The new APOC Aviation engines division is focused on CFM56-3/5A/5B/7B and V2500-A5 engines. A dynamic program is already underway as we pursue our strategy to build trading relationships with like-minded counterparties. Jim will work with the team to foster our relationships with airlines, investors and repair shops. He will help to manage engine part sales and evaluate engine stock for trading, leasing or teardown.”

In his previous role as project manager Nypels was accustomed to troubleshooting unforeseen problems and he sees this a core strength. “At this challenging time for the aviation industry I am currently concentrating on engine valuations and preparing for the integration of the Company’s engine platform on its proprietary software ‘Alicanto’.

Our guiding principle at APOC is to leave nothing to chance so we are devoting a great deal of investment and time into the development of the engine module within our best-in-class IT platform. Contributing to these new developments and undertaking training from our technical department will help fast-track my engine knowledge” he says. “We have big plans for APOC’s Engine Trading division and I am excited to be one of the pioneers in the team.”