'Nothing is impossible' for this multi-tasking cargo executive

Published: Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jacob Matthew is up at dawn preparing for his morning run, walk or a gym workout, typical of a man in high position who takes his responsibilities seriously.

His disciplined lifestyle gives him the strength to face the day’s challenges in his hectic schedule as the President of the Middle East and Asia for the US-based company National Air Cargo, a father, a loving husband and a devout faithful of the Indian Orthodox Church.

“I start my day very early. I’m up by 5 am—going to the gym, running or walking,” shared Jacob who is also an executive member of the Board of Directors for the National Air Cargo Group which owns both National Air Cargo and National Airlines.

He starts work around 8:30 or 9 in the morning presiding over meetings with different department heads, answering emails, seeing clients and communicating with their head office in the US.

National Air Cargo deals with all facets of air cargo charters, freight forwarding and multi – modal transportation. The company has a fleet of 2 B747-400F’s and 2 B757’s and specializes in heavy weight express movements worldwide and a major transporter for the US Department of Defense.

Jacob’s job doesn’t end though in the office: It’s extended outside with dinners or cocktails with clients at least three times a week.

And his hard work has paid off—he has built a successful career in air cargo and aviation industry for more than 30 years and is recognized as instrumental in getting the right footing for National in the Middle East.

“As you know in air cargo, every minute, every hour, we’re moving,” Jacob shared to Air Cargo Update in a phone interview.

“Anything can go wrong, but you know there are solutions,” he added noting that it’s difficult to juggle multiple tasks all at the same time but with God’s help and the right attitude nothing is impossible.

This cargo executive also takes pride in providing for his children the best education. One of them, Gina, recently graduated from Boston University.

Nowadays, the father and daughter spend time together traveling or taking a drive in Fujairah in the UAE and on WhatsApp when she’s overseas.

“WhatsApp is a very helpful tool. We communicate almost every hour,” Jacob fondly says.

Outside of work, Jacob also spends time with the Indian Orthodox Church which is on a mission to help the oppressed, underprivileged and poor communities. Worldwide, it has more than 1,600 churches with over 2.5 million devotees.

Jacob sits in the church’s Managing Committee, a position which requires constant traveling and meetings every quarter. The church has built numerous schools and colleges in different places, supported medical missions and helped other cause-oriented projects.

“I believe nothing is impossible if you keep trying. You will eventually reach your goals,” concluded Jacob whose life embodies how hard work, dedication, giving back to communities and desire to excel leads to success.