Nokia says Industry 4.0 Offers Vast Opportunities to Enhance Digital World

Published: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

DUBAI: The Finland tech company Nokia says  Industry 4.0 offers vast opportunities to enhance efficiencies in various industries and change people’s lives for the better.

At GITEX Tech Week 2019, Nokia showed its range of advanced technology solutions which include mission- critical technologies, Smart City, IoT, private LTE and 5G, which it says are all geared to help the industries to embrace digital transformation to become more agile, secure, operationally efficient, cost efficient and productive.

The demonstrations include solutions for several key enterprise verticals, including, mining, airports, shipping, education, energy, power, utilities, logistics and public sector.

Nokia says private LTE can be used to enhance operational efficiency and safety in mines and to improve plane turnaround speed at airports.

For logistics, the company presented the use of AI in optimizing operations by assigning trucks and crew to the appropriate doors at a shipping facility, enhancing the capability with sensor data to determine cargo condition and location improves predictive capabilities.

For shipping, it demonstrated how containers equipped with standalone LTE network with user equipment and sensors, can capture the required data and  send it when a connection is established.

In the energy sector, Nokie says it has a solution that combines machine learning and edge and cloud computing that create advanced video analytics that detect anomalies on a scene and alert, allowing the energy firms to enhance security of their critical infrastructure.

On Smart City category, Nokia showcased the Integrated Operations Center (IOC), an actionable intelligence platform orchestrating operations from events to data-driven contextual actions based on analytics insights, providing a foundation for a true city innovation with an intelligent and integrated city platform approach.