New website TEAM-UP offers easy access to pharma-logistics collaboration program

Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The new TEAM-UP website at offers quick and easy access to essential information about the ground-breaking TEAM-UP pharma-logistics collaboration program. Packed with valuable content, the website provides the business case for more integrated supply chain working and sets out the TEAM-UP proposition from both a logistics-supplier and a pharma-shipper perspective.

TEAM-UP has been established as a not-for-profit initiative with the aim of meeting the supply chain challenges posed by today’s rapidly changing market conditions. It operates as a single-focus ‘best practice’ group specifically promoting strategic partnering between all members of the pharma-logistics process.TEAM-UP, with its emphasis on collaboration and integration, seeks to drive the practice of genuine co-operative teamwork throughout the pharma-logistics sector and in doing so enable a collective response to the challenges being faced today.

“The TEAM-UP program has adopted some of the best-collaborative practices from other business sectors and adapted these for the pharmaceutical logistics supply chain” explains TEAM-UP Executive Director Alan Kennedy. “Substantial efficiency improvements, a more equitable and less contentious operating environment and a real competitive advantage are just some of the benefits for TEAM-UP Participants”

Kennedy stresses that a little time spent navigating the new TEAM-UP website will be time well spent for those pharma shippers and logistics suppliers that are seeking to shake off outmoded working practices and concentrate on modern, inclusive, win-win principles. “The website is a vital tool in spreading our message globally and in communicating with our Participant organisations. It provides ready access to the TEAM-UP philosophy and explains the TEAM-UP approach to extracting more value from the pharma supply chain”

Visitors to the new TEAM-UP site can fill in the TEAM-UP Survey which aims to build a strong picture of current partnering practice in order to guide the program going forwards. A collaboration ‘Maturity Assessment’ will be added shortly where site visitors can see how they rank against their contemporaries in the industry.

Updates to the website will continue over the next months as the TEAM-UP program expands. “This is just the first phase of the website,” says Kennedy. “We are now working on the Member’s Only Section which will provide TEAM-UP Participating companies with exclusive access to a wide range of TEAM-UP resources and other services”.