New Book by John Manners-Bell Explores the Decline of Globalization

Published: Monday, November 6, 2023

A new book written by chief executive of consultant Transport Intelligence John Manners-Bell will soon be launched examining the recent decline in Globalisation.

The book, named The Death of Globalization, examines how initial optimism for the rise of globalisation proved to be misplaced and how neo-protectionism has transformed the economic landscape.

The author says that supply chains are now being shaped by political, rather than commercial, imperatives.

“A global recession, the resurgence of nationalism, fears for the environment, the Covid crisis and growing geo-political tensions have resulted in the re-emergence of trade barriers and toxic
international relations,” the book’s publisher said in a press release.

“Fragmented, localised, fractured…globalisation, if not completely dead, is on life support.”

Some of the areas covered by the book include understanding deglobalisation; political risk and economic protectionism; subsidies and their role in supply chain distortion; whether the West de-couple from China?; China plus sourcing; and re-shoring.

As well as his role at Ti, Manners-Bell is also the founder and chief executive of the Foundation for Future Supply Chain, honorary visiting professor at the London Metropolitan University’s Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law and adviser to the World Economic Forum.

“The Death of Globalization, provides insights into a world characterized by volatility and uncertainty, critical reading for anyone needing to understand the seismic changes which are being driven by a new world order,” the publisher said.