Menzies Aviation, ULD CARE deploy training materials for cargo buildup

Published: Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Menzies Aviation has deployed new training materials on the subject of cargo build-up with the support of ULD CARE, the trade association representing the unit load device (ULD) community.

Well-performed cargo build-up is critical to the safe and reliable operation of ULDs during flight, as well as the protection of customer equipment. In keeping with Menzies’ commitment to deliver a premium service to customers, Menzies Aviation’s refreshed cargo training materials will support staff in the safe and efficient building up of ULDs.

This follows Menzies’ signing of the ULD Code of Conduct earlier this year. Established in 2018, and derived from the IATA ULD Regulations, the ULD CARE Code of Conduct sets the standard for all ULD handling and operations, through its 10 step guide.

Mervyn Walker, chief operating officer, Menzies Aviation said: “At Menzies we recognise the importance of safe ULD management. We are grateful to the support we have received from ULD CARE in completely refreshing our cargo build-up training materials. We hope this new training programme will support our staff in the safe and efficient handling of ULDs. We look forward to continuing to work with ULD CARE on the promotion of proper ULD handling.”

Bob Rogers, VP and treasurer of ULD CARE said: “ULD CARE is very pleased to assist Menzies Aviation in their training initiatives. Aviation safety relies on highly trained individuals delivering quality day in day out. It goes without saying that cockpit crew, cabin crew, maintenance staff, ATC staff will all have received extensive training, so there is zero logic to having untrained staff performing cargo build up.

“Given that cargo build up activities remain highly labour intensive, and given the widely acknowledged high staff turnover in the air cargo and ground handling industry, training is an essential cornerstone of delivering cargo in a safe to fly condition.”